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There’s a new twist for the twenty-first century: Good Manners. In the past few years, increasing attention has been given to “business niceties,” those little things denoting class and style. In fact, manners have become as integral to your professional image as your technical knowledge.

Young professionals and savvy executives are scrambling to acquire this new form of professional polish. Not only does it make for a nicer work environment, but it pays off in promotions and raises. Every professional should realize that good business etiquette is a power tool that gives one the cutting edge in the business arena.

Specializing in soft skills training in the following areas:  
   Business Etiquette will enable you to tip the scales in your favor no matter where you conduct business. Professionals on all levels need to distinguish themselves from the competition. Business etiquette training provides the tools that give you an advantage in situations where business may be promoted or conducted. You will learn leadership skills you can implement immediately to help you project confidence and authority. It takes only five seconds to make an impression. While you should be judged by your innate worth, it is often a first impression that determines whether someone will take the time to let you reveal it.
   Dining Etiquette and Tutorials are essential for success in one’s personal, professional and social life. The world is experiencing a rapidly expanding global economy where the negotiating process doesn’t end when you leave the office; it has only just begun. Whether you are conducting business abroad or entertaining clients here in the U. S., polished dining skills are a must in this competitive atmosphere.
   Communication Skills are the foundation on which companies and careers are built. In today’s competitive business world and global economy effective communication skills are more important than ever. Miscommunication can wreak havoc in any situation. One of the biggest problems today is getting along with and communicating with others. It is one of the major reasons why most people are limited in their relationships and in their careers. You will learn many tips and techniques to improve your verbal, non-verbal and virtual communication skills.
   International Protocol is vital in today’s global economy. Competition in the international business arena has grown by leaps and bounds, making it imperative that the protocol skills required to compete effectively be developed and employed. Protocol is no longer relegated to the international diplomatic community alone. Cross-cultural communication is an indispensable tool for today’s executive eager for global opportunities. International protocol training is for anyone whose job requires communicating, negotiating and socializing in the global marketplace.


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